A story by Karissa.

Chapter 1. An adventure.

Once upon a time in a lemon tree lived five caterpillars. There names were Fred, Mitch, Georgie, Bella and Ella. They were all best friends. They wanted an adventure so they set off. They went down the branch then they found a big building. Ella said “What is that?”. Georgie said “I don’t know” Mitch and Bella didn’t know either and Fred thought that it was a house and they found a dog door. “Wow” said Georgie. “Lets go in” said Bella.

When they were in they saw a lemon. “I love eating lemons!” said Georgie. Fred said “How bout we eat it”. Bella said “NO. We should not eat it.” and they saw a window. “Should we go out there” said Mitch but they didn’t know how to get out. Bang Bang. Some one was coming so the five caterpillars hid. “Where’s the lemon” said the big person. Why Ella was eating. “Stop eating the lemon” said Mitch.

Chapter 2. How could they get out.

The five caterpillars wanted to get out. How could they get out and how could they get home. “Ohh no.” said Georgie Fred had an idea. They were going to smash the window so they found a tube and lifted it up and SMASH went the window. “What was that” said the big person. Before the big person could move they ran out the window and they found a gate so they went through it and they were home at last.

The End.